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Reich LLC

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Reich was founded in 1919 by the brothers Karl and Franz Reich in Zella-Mehlis / Thuringia in Germany. What started off as a small family business with the production of bicycle parts has since evolved into a leading manufacturer of turned parts such as transmission and steering system components, ball bearings and components for fuel injection systems. With the foundation of Reich LLC on 30 September 2010 Reich has grown into an internationally operating enterprise. Reich LLC benefits from a long history in manufacturing excellence and entrepreneurship.


Reich is an employer who offers many different opportunities partly due to the technical variety of the processes and technologies applied. As a successful, large medium-sized enterprise, we place emphasis on long-term relationships with employees and partners. Reich currently employs more than 900 staff members who work in engineering, technology or a trade. Reich also offers attractive vocational training programs and opportunities for professional development. Reich could not progress as rapidly as it does without the continuous lifelong development of our personnel.

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