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Red Wing Shoes

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Excellence is a standard which transcends the test of time. For over a century Red Wing purpose-built footwear has been at the spearhead of innovation in the standard of excellence for work boots.

Around the turn of the 19th century a Red Wing, MN shoe merchant named Charles Beckman saw a local necessity for shoes specifically designed for the demanding work of industries such as mining, logging and farming. The rigors of these jobs required footwear which was tough enough to outlast harsh working conditions, but Beckman envisioned a shoe that was also comfortable enough for the hardworking people who wore them. Beckman set out to develop work boots to fill this need and in 1905 he and fourteen investors opened a company that would change the market. Beckman named his company Red Wing Shoes, and thus a new standard for excellence was born.

Over one hundred years has passed since our founding and our commitment to producing only the highest grade footwear remains as unwavering as Beckman's vision. Our products consistently perform in environments spanning from the Mideast oil fields to the Midwest corn fields. Red Wing boots protect workers in more than one hundred countries across the world, an accomplishment built by years of hard work, endurance and the promise to never compromise on our quality.

A testament to that promise can be found in our Heritage collection which is made up of footwear that represents the American ideals of prosperous work and excellence. All the styles in the Heritage collection are designed and built just as they were fifty, sixty and even over eighty years ago and are all made using premium Red Wing Shoe Company leather from our very own S.B. Foot Tannery. They are handcrafted to the specifications which made each style timeless when they were first introduced.

Red Wing products are proven to perform and outlast. Behind each pair of shoes exists over a century of experience. So whether you are buying footwear, garments or accessories, rest assured that the Red Wing logo stands for a standard in excellence like no other.

Career Opportunities

Corporate Careers

Red Wing Shoe Company is looking for top new talent to join our corporate team. As a growing American company with over 100 years of business experience, Red Wing Shoe Company has a proven record of innovation in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing market while maintaining solid, trusted brands and staying true to our core values. Our talented corporate teams develop strategies and practices that support our retail groups, business to business customers and consumers worldwide.

Our corporate departments looking for top talent include: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Customer Experience, Planning, Logistics, Product Development, Manufacturing Operations and Business Support Services.

Retail Careers

Retail careers at Red Wing Shoes offer exciting opportunities to work in a specialty field for a growing American company. With more than 175 company-owned retail stores and industrial centers across the US, and new stores opening every year, Red Wing Shoes is a proven leader in the work industry and is a company that continues to expand across all our footwear brands. Our continuing company growth offers job seekers excellent opportunities to build a career with the Red Wing Shoe Company.

Start a career in positions such as Retail Store Associate, Mobile Sales Rep, Manager in Training, Store Manager or Region Operations Manager with an iconic brand and dynamic retail team. We are recruiting for a number of open retail positions today!


Finding a partner to provide safety footwear for your employees needn’t be a difficult task. Our HassleFree Safety Footwear Program means access to over 4,000 retail locations, 150 Mobile Shoe Stores all with a dedicated, professional, full-service staff ready to help you and your employees with all your footwear needs.

With over 100 years of experience making work boots and shoes, Red Wing Shoes is a trusted source for high quality, safety footwear with the fit, features and services your employees require. One pair at a time, one customer at a time, we've earned our reputation for quality and integrity. From the ground up, we've proven ourselves on the job.