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Red Belt Solutions

Private Sales - Marketing Consulting < 100 Employees Headquartered in Augusta, GA 1 Active Jobs

Red Belt Solutions is competitive direct marketing and sales consulting firm specializing in customer acquisition for multi-billion dollar clients in Augusta, Georgia. We are proud to represent the nation's leading telecommunications, fiber optics and entertainment industries. We enthusiastically acquire small to medium sized business class customer for our client. We are well known in the Augusta area for our high levels of professionalism, passion and our results! Our clients and their customer are our top priority while using our renowned face-to-face approach, we create a stronger, longer lasting a customer-client relationship that increases customer retention rates and market share. Here at Red Belt Solution we are "driven by excellence, challenge and results" and Augusta is just the start! In need of new representation that will treat your brand as if it were our own? Red Belt Solutions is the answer!

 Here at Red Belt Solutions, we are respected and known to provide nothing less than excellence and we owe all our success to our incredible team! With renowned extensive training in the marketing and sales field, Red Belt Solutions offers ample advancement opportunities in leadership and executive management positions  to all our team members within 12-18 months. The ongoing trainings and fulfillment of the executive positions will allow Red Belt Solutions to expand to other locations outside of Georgia. With our team's natural entrepreneurial spirit, Red Belt Solutions expansion is inevitable!

Bulletin Board

Every once in a while someone truly special walks through our doors at Red Belt Solutions. One of those people is our Team Lead, Nathan! Not only is he an American hero but he is one of the hardest workers that we have ever met. Head over to our blog for an inside look at his life and career goals!

We want to stay connected with each and every one of you on Instagram! Click the link and go directly to our feed to give us a follow. We want you to be apart of our growth this year.

Our team at Red Belt Solutions traveled to Orlando, FL to participate in our client's start of the year conference. We had a blast developing our skills and preparing our goals for 2019. Check out our YouTube page for our video detailing our favorite highlights from our trip!

Career Opportunities

Interested in a career with the Red Belt Solutions?

At Red Belt Solutions, we recognize the distinct difference between doing something you’re passionate about, and not. When you’re passionate about your work, there’s no such thing as “clocking in and out” and “earning a paycheck”. Your work fuels you, inspires you. We strive to create that feeling for every team member here at Red Belt Solutions. A career within our firm comes complete with ample career growth - guaranteed! All individuals start in entry level positions where the only thing that stands our is impeccable and diligent work ethic. With our core values represented in everything we do, we believe that all things are possible with dedication and a positive attitude! A career with Red Belt Solutions is meant to be both challenging AND motivational. With our clients growth projections into additional markets by 2020, we are looking to train and develop marketing and sales managers to aid us in our expansion goals. At Red Belt Solutions, our goal is the success of our team members! Visit our website for more about our current career opportunities. Need a new career? Join the Red Belt Solutions team!

Career Opportunities Available:

- Marketing / Sales
- Account Manager
- Human Resources Manager
- Internships
- Entry Level Sales
- Entry Level Recruiter

Mission & Benefits

"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better." - Pat Riley

Red Belt Solutions is a dedicated firm committed to training and developing self-driven individuals in a team spirited work environment. We provide every individual the opportunity to achieve success based on their own work ethic. The mission of Red Belt Solutions is to create a company culture based off core values such as ambition and a positive attitude. Our goal is to provide professional representation to our clients, an increase in customer acquisition and a variety of leadership opportunities for each team member. We are "driven by excellence, challenge and results," and believe the dedication to our teams, customers and clients is how we succeed!

If we haven't convinced you yet, here are some reasons why you should join the Red Belt Solutions Team:

- Corporate sponsored travel opportunity
- team oriented environment
- Extensive training and development
- Competitive compensation available
- Challenging work

Company Culture

What's the company culture like at Red Belt Solutions?

Passionate work ethic - Here at Red Belt Solutions we believe the biggest factor in differentiating a job and a career is simple -- passion! Passion for our work is noticed within our excellent results and happy clients. If you don't love what you do, it's time for a change!

Ambitious drive - With passion comes hard work and determination! We provide sufficient training and ample growth opportunities for every team member with the drive and commitment to reach their own goals and never settle for less!

Positive attitude - When you love what you do, your energy is addictive! A positive attitude is contagious and inviting! Surround yourself with energetic people to help you strive to guide you to reach your goals. Can you imagine a better way to spend your day? We can't!

Team spirited - We are extremely proud to have a strong and unified team where every team member's goals are just as important. Our team's prior experiences, talents and skills is the basis of our successful Red Belt Solutions team!

Philanthropic minded
- Thanks to our team oriented and natural competitiveness, fundraising bi-annually to local charities like Operation Smiles makes it that much easier! Besides our team being driven for their own personal success, we are also determined to do our part in our community.

Contact Us

Main Office:
609 Broad Street
Augusta, Georgia 30901

Phone Number:
(706) 869- 5950