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Red Belt Solutions

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Red Belt Solutions is a premier marketing & sales firm based in Augusta, GA. Guided by the motto “driven by challenge, driven by excellence, driven by results”, we are quickly gaining a reputation as a dominant force in the South. Best known for our face to face communication services, Red Belt Solutions acquires new customers on behalf of the most competitive names in the telecommunications industry.

Blend state of the art customer relationship management software with the age-old belief that business should be done over a handshake and you have the environment at Red Belt Solutions! The personalization we put into every sales consultation is another competitive advantage we offer to clients looking to grow their immediate market share and reach. We know that our success is dependent on how well we represent our client’s names and customers, so to us, superior customer service is a must.


  • Internal advancements
  • Monthly travel opportunities offered
  • Team-oriented environment
  • Inspirational leadership team
  • Challenging work
  • Competitive compensation
  • Extensive training and development


Our vision at Red Belt Solutions is to always remain driven – driven by challenge, driven by excellence, and driven by results.

A year ago, before founding Red Belt Solutions, our CEO, Anthony, heard from a speaker named Dave Anderson who talked about having a “red belt mentality”. In the analogy, he talks about how in karate black belts are thought to be most dangerous, but much to everyone’s surprise, it’s the red belts.

Black belts have already hit the highest goal in karate and usually inherit an “I’ve arrived” feeling. Red belts on the other hand still have a goal in front of them to hit, contributing to a stronger drive and work ethic! At Red Belt Solutions, we strive to continuously push our team to new goals and limits, reminding them that they are always the challenger, not the champion! We have found in business when you remain “hungry” for success and focus on self-improvement, complacency can never creep in.

We have found in business when you remain goal-oriented and focus on self-improvement, complacency can never creep in. Every successful entrepreneur we follow reminds us that “success” is not a destination, but a journey. So you can find us in the office perfecting our craft, studying up on cutting-edge marketing and sales techniques, and improving our leadership and management ability….daily!