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Rawlings Group

Private Insurance 501 - 1000 Employees 11 Active Jobs

Since 1985, The Rawlings Group has pioneered every major innovation in our industry. We are:

  • Pioneers in developing the first outsourced national subrogation program.

  • Pioneers in developing the first data exchange using medical diagnostic codes to identify potential third party liability claims.

  • Pioneers in the use of a single data exchange to provide the widest range of claims recovery services available. Our processes have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Pioneers in the use of unedited claims data exchanges to maximize recovery productivity and ensure quality control over information processing.

  • Pioneers in publishing a National Subrogation Law Manual, updated annually. This valuable tool is used by many corporate legal departments - and even by our competitors.

  • Pioneers in creating new sources of income for the health insurance industry. We have successfully negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in mass tort claims for our clients.

  • And, perhaps most importantly, we at The Rawlings Group are pioneers in tailoring services to meet industry preferences. Our growth has come by satisfying the unique needs of each client, and their recognition of the value of our proactive service.

    Are you a pioneer? Come break new ground with us.

  • Benefits

    We should probably emphasize the “work hard” part. As a group, we are tenacious and dedicated to getting the job done. But everyone needs to play now and then. Sometimes it takes the form of a snowman contest amongst our creative IT department during an unexpected snowfall; or maybe it’s the annual Tug-of-War during our Field Day and summer picnic. Even in our play, we embrace that competitive spirit that makes us an industry leader. Are you looking to join a winning team? Come compete with the best.

    Career Opportunities

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Living the golden rule requires respect, integrity and compassion. Whether it’s in interacting with our employees, our clients or our community The Rawlings Group abides by the Golden Rule
    Providing outstanding and unrivaled service is a founding principle of our Company, so much so that Client Services reports directly to the President of The Rawlings Group. Our Company regards integrity as a virtue. We see accountability and moral responsibility as necessary tools. Through our dedication to integrity we keep a constant focus on maintaining the highest level of customer service as our number one priority.
    The Rawlings Foundation provides the charitable contribution outlet for all the entities and has contributed tens of millions of dollars to causes that help people. The Rawlings Group is proud to support an array of worthwhile causes and organizations.

    Do you value these qualities? Come work with an employer that gives back.

    We have a clear path.

    Our vision is to be the best at the services we provide in the health insurance industry. Our strategy to accomplish this vision is to always follow the principles of:

  • Integrity
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Excellence in Execution
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  • Generously Giving Back to the Community

    Do you share these principles? Come forge ahead with us.

  • We know data.

    The Rawlings Group is the nation’s leading provider of data mining claims recovery services to the health insurance industry. The most comprehensive and experienced company of its kind, Rawlings pioneered the innovations in data mining that made our company the industry leader.
    Because of our commitment to innovation, today Rawlings remains the largest and most experienced provider of these services in the industry. Exact replicas of production environments are accessed by our R&D department, which is staffed by health insurance industry experts and persons with advanced degrees in data mining and analysis. Our Agile development processes are based on the latest industry standards. Leading edge technology is key to The Rawlings Group’s effort to continuously improve results for its clients. We mine a staggering $250,000,000,000 in health insurance claims each year.

    Are you inquisitive and innovative? Come investigate with us.


    The Rawlings Group was originally established as a law firm in 1977 by George Rawlings. The Rawlings Group is now composed of The Rawlings Company, Rawlings Financial Services, Rawlings & Associates, and The Rawlings Foundation. All entities, except the Foundation, exclusively serve the health insurance industry by providing cost containment programs. The Rawlings Group’s stability of ownership and management is unique in the industry. The company has not been owned by a variety of investors whose primary interest has been the valuation of their businesses. In 2007, The Rawlings Group celebrated its 30th year in business by moving its corporate headquarters to Oldham County, Kentucky, and it is the county’s largest private employer. Are you looking for a job, or a career? Come put down roots with us.

    We take care of our people.

  • We provide a full array of benefits, including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, 401K, and tuition reimbursement.

  • We offer a high quality, reasonably priced café which serves homemade desserts, a salad and sandwich bar for lunch, as well as daily entreé specials. We also have a full-service coffee shop featuring lattes, mochas, an assortment of teas and other specialty drinks as well as breakfast sandwiches.

  • There is no occupational tax in Oldham County. (Which is 2.2% of your annual income in Jefferson County.)

  • Our free, on-site fitness center includes treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes, along with weight machines and free weights. The fitness center is open for employees seven days a week.

  • Our new, state-of-the-art corporate campus encompasses over 150,000 square feet equipped with ergonomic workstations, an on-site ATM, and a park-like setting for enjoying picnics and long walks at lunch.

  • We want to see you climb.

    We serve the needs of our employees by providing an effective learning environment and advocating continuous improvement. We integrated training into the workplace when we founded Rawlings University. Our goal is to enable and encourage our employees to learn, resulting in them being able to reach their full potential. We maximize our employees’ capabilities by creating courses that meet the unique needs of our organization. We emphasize practical principles and processes by designing programs that offer people the knowledge, skills and practices they need to add value to the business and grow in their personal careers.
    We also offer specialized development opportunities like MSDN subscriptions and two MOS certifications a year for our Information Technology team. TRG is one place where you can move up, without moving on.
    What do we do when an opening is left by an advancing employee? We ask you for suggestions on whom you would like to see join the Rawlings family. Good people know good people. As an added incentive, we offer referral bonuses for several of our positions too.

    Are you ready to take the first step? Come climb with us.

    We are part of the solution.

    Any given day you can look at the media and see the health insurance industry faces tough challenges. We are proud to be called upon to provide solutions. Rawlings reduces cost in the health insurance industry by helping health plans identify members who have other sources of coverage that are responsible for paying all or part of their claims costs. We then help our clients recover those dollars from the responsible party by providing the following services:

  • Third Party Liability and Worker’s Compensation
  • Medicare and Commercial COB Identification and Recovery
  • Pharmacy Overpayment Identification and Recovery
  • Health Insurance Mass Tort and Anti-Trust Recovery
  • Complex Health Insurance Litigation Settlement Administration

    Are you searching for a meaningful career? Come make an impact with us.