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Raleigh Marketing Consultants

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Raleigh Marketing Consultants opened in October 2016 with one solitary purpose – to provide opportunity to our team members who step up and earn it. With our system of management training, anyone who is willing to work hard, learn, and improve has an opportunity to advance.

Raleigh Marketing Consultants was formed in response to a demand from large companies for a more effective, personal and results-driven approach to acquiring new customers.

By focusing our efforts on a face to face, relationship-based marketing and sales approach, we bring our clients life-long customers with increased brand recognition and customer loyalty.

We believe quality business depends on having a team of varying backgrounds, resources, and skills. Our philosophy of 100% internal, merit-based, organic promotion and growth guarantees career opportunities and the growth potential for our team to realize their goals, regardless of previous experience or personal background.


Here at Raleigh Marketing Consultants, we look for talented, motivated, ambitious people who are willing to work hard in order to have an opportunity to represent some of the world’s biggest brands.

We look beyond the resume: Our ideal candidates have diverse backgrounds and work experiences. We provide full training every step of the way.

Our Mission

At Raleigh Marketing Consultants, everyone starts at a level playing field. We wanted to start a company where only effort and results determine opportunities to advance.

At Raleigh Marketing Consultants we are committed to:
  • Developing individuals both personally and professionally through leadership training
  • Creating an energetic, enthusiastic, and fun environment that radiates positivity
  • Providing an excellent service to our clients with the highest level of integrity
  • “Commitment to dream, commitment to team”