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RA Sushi

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RA Sushi is a fast-paced, high-energy restaurant concept, based in Scottsdale, AZ. Acquired in 2002 by Benihana Inc., RA Sushi has grown to 27 locations nation-wide, making it the largest sushi brand in the country! While most of our guests come to enjoy the best the ocean has to offer, others simply enjoy a night in the RA! With a happy hour that put us on the map, and a laid back guest experience, we fancy ourselves as MORE than just a restaurant. Lending itself to the experience are rich, clean and inviting design elements, that can only be described as sexy.

All of that, capped off with a staff who TRULY enjoys their job, makes for something truly unique.


It's hard work having this much fun.

The RA Sushi story began in 1997 in Scottsdale, Arizona when a group of friends with a clear vision decided to create a place where friends could gather in a "party" atmosphere with interesting and innovative sushi, cool, inventive cocktails and sake, and hip, upbeat music, all served by a group of people committed to ensuring their Guests felt welcomed and indulged. Our founders believed that the people of Scottsdale would love a place where they could relax with friends, learn more about sushi and feel good about themselves in a fun atmosphere. It was a great idea that grew and expanded and continues to delight Guests seeking a fun escape with friends and family. As with all success stories, the character of RA Sushi has grown and evolved but the core of what made RA Sushi great remains true: hand-crafted, innovative sushi that people crave, inventive cocktails and sake that enhance the dining experience, upbeat music that creates an energetic and fun environment, and friendly people committed to ensuring our Guests feel welcomed, indulged and free to explore and discover new ways to enjoy the RA Sushi experience.