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QCI Healthcare

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QCI Healthcare is family-owned and also family-centered: our team, employees and clients are considered part of one big family. We would like to build a lasting relationship with you, and your opinion matters. Working for an agency gives you the freedom and flexibility that you choose. Trust in us. Our principals have a strong health care background and over 30 years of experience. We are going to place you in facilities that can best utilize your skills. If you aren’t satisfied with the different facilities that you are placed in, please talk to us. We’ll find the right fit for you while we also find the best fit for the facility.

Career Opportunities

We would like our staff to transition into your facility as fast and efficiently as possible. Time is money, and that is what we can save for you.

QCI’s healthcare personnel are put through a screening process where we evaluate each individual to see if they are qualified candidates for employment. If they meet QCI standards, they are scheduled for an one-on-one interview. Then we determine which health care professional should be assigned to what facility. We screen and keep all of our employees up-to-date so you don’t have to, which saves your facility money in the end.

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QCI Healthcare

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