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QAD Inc.

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In 1979, QAD was founded by Pamela Lopker, who was later joined by her husband Karl Lopker, as a small start-up solution to address a large gap in complete, integrated business software for manufacturing companies.

We began with a few local customers, supporting them from our headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. But as our customers took their brands to the next level—international—we adapted quickly to keep up. Today we support customers in over 100 countries around the world. Our products have gone global, too, and we have spent years innovating and growing our offering as our customers expand their businesses overseas.

You’ll often hear us say that at the heart of QAD is a strong and loyal customer community. We really believe that to create the best full-featured manufacturing ERP software for our customers we need to work together. We pride ourselves on our customer engagement and our commitment to continually evolve as the manufacturing industry changes.

It’s been over three decades; we still focus solely on manufacturing—we live and breathe it every day alongside you. Become an Effective Enterprise with us.

Who We Are

At QAD, we do more than sell manufacturing ERP software. We develop innovative products, foster growth and creativity, encourage collaboration and teamwork, and build strong communities across the world. The company was founded in 1979 on the foundation of helping people make their manufacturing business a success. To us, success is having happy customers, customers who love our product. And success is happy employees, who learn, grow and are connected to one another. This is what drives us. This is who we are. And we love what we do.

What We Do

QAD is a publicly traded technology company that provides cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to global manufacturing companies. Companies use QAD Cloud ERP to run many areas of their businesses, from financial planning and the shop floor to product supply and customer demand. Over 5,000 licensed sites in over 100 countries rely on QAD solutions.

Why Work Here?

“A collaborative environment where opinions are valued and listened to. It is a team environment.”

"It's like no other place I have worked for before. I find the employees helpful and warm. It is a pleasure to come to work every day.”

"QAD is a professional company with a heart."