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Proven Recruiting

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Career Opportunities

We connect talented people with meaningful careers in technology, finance and accounting. From AP Specialists and .NET Developers to CFOs and CTOs, we support highly-skilled professionals at all experience and seniority levels in their quest for career fulfillment. The process is simple; once we know what you’re looking for, we market your unique skills and experience to our partner-companies, putting a special emphasis on culture fit and vision alignment.

Together, we’ll zero in on the perfect fit given your goals and priorities. From there we’ll coach you through interviews, provide you with exclusive company insights, and have your back in salary negotiations.

Work-life integration, as opposed to work-life balance, has always been our priority. Most people spend 1/3rd of their lives – or 90,000 hours – at work. This is not a small addition to your regular life; it’s an essential part of it. We’re here to make sure it’s fulfilling, challenging, and lucrative.

About Proven Recruiting

Proven Recruiting was founded on the idea that work doesn’t have to be something you avoid. Our co-founders, after leaving a particularly demanding and stressful agency, made an intentional decision to design a company where employees felt supported and empowered to do their best work and be their best selves.

They believed that building an employee-centric company with a strong sense of purpose was the key to providing a truly differentiated experience – especially in an industry that exists to help companies hire quality workers who love their jobs.

It worked. Today, Proven Recruiting has grown from seven original founders to a 200-strong community of employees across the US, joined by a shared dedication to meaningful work.

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