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Proto Labs, Inc

Private Manufacturing 250 - 500 Employees 38 Active Jobs

Proto Labs, Inc. began in 1999 as The Protomold Company, Inc. which specialized in the quick-turn manufacture of custom plastic injection molded parts. Our Protomold injection molding service is perfect for low to mid-volume production, bridge tooling, and prototyping parts.

We work with advanced aluminum alloys, high-speed CNC machining, and none of the costly and time consuming custom engineering that normally goes into the development of injection mold tooling. In 2005 we expanded to Europe with the creation of Protomold Ltd. in Telford, England which now serves all of the EU countries with sales offices in Germany and France.

Proto Labs has radically changed the economics and lead times associated with obtaining CNC machined or injection molded parts. We routinely ship parts to design engineers before they can even get quotes from conventional suppliers, sometimes as fast as the next business day.


At Proto Labs, we’re not only one of the fastest growing companies in the Twin Cities, we’re also the fastest in the world at what we do — so being extraordinary is a way of life. If you are looking for an extraordinary career opportunity, you've come to the right place.