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Principle Payments


Merchant services is well known for being a financially rewarding industry for sales professionals. And, right now, is a particularly lucrative time for sales due to new regulations set forth by Visa/MasterCard. All merchants have been directed to update their credit card terminals to accept the new micro-chipped cards, yet only 30% have actually done it. That means 7 out of 10 merchants need to be sold or leased new equipment! This provides our Sales Representatives with an incredible income opportunity.

Principle Payments is a unique organization in that it is comprised industry leaders with more than 75+ years of combined payment processing experience. Working in this industry so long, we have a strong understanding of the importance of our sales representatives and how to help ensure their success.

At Principle Payments, we offer sales professionals a multitude of ways to continually add to their income. Most notably, are the upfront commissions which are paid daily, signing bonuses along with monthly residuals paid for the lifetime of the account. We also offer the opportunity to upsell the customer with a host of business solutions to grow their business including cash advances, equipment sales/leasing, gift card and loyalty programs, check services and more.


When you’re partnered with us, you’ll be partnered with an industry leader that values our relationship with all Sales Agents above all else.  In fact, we consider the Sales Agent our true partner and the most important people within our organization.  We will always have a “we work for you” attitude towards our Agents.  Without people like you, we could not sustain our rapid growth.  Here are some expectations you should have in working with us:

  • DAILY PAY – We pay signing bonuses and commissions 5 days a week… EVERYDAY IS PAYDAY!
  • Up to $1,340 per sale.  Most of our Agents make one sale a day.  Do the math.
  • Residual income on EVERY account EVERY month.  Residuals can easily grow by $500 per month.
  • Assigned a Sales Director to help you in ANY way possible.  Your Sales Director will be your own personal mentor and provide you with real time, on-the-spot closing support.
  • Instant rate analysis to show your customer their potential savings versus their current provider within 5 minutes while you’re at the appointment.
  • Being an important part of your community by helping the locally owned and operated businesses reduce costs and grow profits.
  • The ability to build your own independent business within a recession proof industry.

Career Opportunities

Whether your goal is to be full time, part time, or somewhere in between, we have an opportunity for you.  You can work as much or little as you want… IT’S ALL UP TO YOU.  You will finally have the luxury of being your own boss.  While some of our Sales Agents choose to evolve into managing their own teams, it’s not required.  We want to forge a long term business partnership with you.  How that partnership will look, will always be up to you.

Our Team

By partnering with Principle Payments, you will be joining one of the fastest growing Payment Processors in the United States and Canada. We take pride in treating every Sales Agent AND client as a member of our team. That is why we operate under a set of PRINCIPLES that are focused on ethics and morals. We believe in a “trickle down” affect: If we make our Sales Agents happy, we will have happy merchants as well. Train, provide fair and quick compensation, and give our Sales Agents the tools for success. We are Principle Payments because we are putting the Principles back into the Payment Processing Industry.