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PrimePay, LLC.

Private Banking - Financial Services 15 Active Jobs

Our goal is to take care of back-office tasks so small businesses can get back to doing what they love.

Whether that’s running their business or getting involved in their community, PrimePay exists to help business owners achieve their dreams by ensuring compliance and providing exceptional support.

Career Opportunities

Are you ready to be a part of the nation’s largest independent and privately-owned employee management solutions team? Great! You’ve come to the right page.

PrimePay has experience servicing clients in nearly every industry imaginable and that allows us to customize solutions to fit their unique business needs.

Providing the ultimate client experience is our main objective, which is why we offer a unique service model to our clients. Each of our clients are matched with their own payroll specialist who gets to know their business in and out.

We provide continuous training to help maximize your skills. So, grow with us and take a look some of the possible career opportunities we provide:

  • Outside Sales Representatives
  • Benefit Services Representatives
  • Client Success Representatives- Payroll
  • Tax Associates
  • Information Technology Professionals

Contact Us

PrimePay, LLC.
1487 Dunwoody Drive
West Chester, PA 19380