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Primecare Medical, Inc.

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PrimeCare Medical, Inc. is a privately owned, nationally accredited, correctional healthcare company based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. PrimeCare provides medical services to juvenile correctional facilities, jails, and prisons throughout the Northeastern United States. As professionals, we customize a medical program based on your facility's specific medical needs without jeopardizing the specific security requirements of your detention center.

Since its foundation in 1986, PrimeCare has provided excellent quality care in the correctional medical field and has a renewal rate that is among the best in the industry. Currently, PrimeCare has a team of over 800 qualified staff members who are providing medical services to approximately 18,000 inmates. Providing cost-efficient care in conjunction with cut-edge technology, PrimeCare Medical’s goal is to provide its clients with outstanding medical service.

Career Opportunities

Correctional nursing provides a challenging and exciting world of opportunities for nurses today. In correctional healthcare, nurses are provided the opportunity to apply their hands-on assessment and clinical nursing skills on a day-to-day basis.

Correctional healthcare is similar to working in an emergency room or a clinic. Each day is both challenging and rewarding in Correctional Healthcare.  Nurses are involved in healthcare emergencies, physical health assessments, initial screenings, medication distribution, nurse sick call, and chronic care clinics.  Nurses will also provide assistance to physicians, psychiatrists and dentists.

PrimeCare Medical is dedicated to its employees. PrimeCare Medical will provide the knowledge and training to administer premier healthcare in the correctional environment.

Now is the time to join the exciting and challenging world of correctional healthcare.


Prime Care Medical, Inc.
3940 Locust Lane
Harrisburg, PA 17109