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Recent studies have shown that two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing some portion of their training functions and the trend is growing as they seek to focus on the things that are core to their business.  These companies know that allowing specialists from outside of their organizations to partner with them makes sense.  The reasons are simple…Outsourced training increases training impact and lower training costs.

Whether it is to support retail store manager training, a new product roll-out, sales training, or other aspects of the business, outsourcing your training efforts may make sense for you.

Here at Prime Ocean we pride ourselves in our ability to be agile, precise and lead—no matter the project we face. These values guide everyone at Prime Ocean.

Our Process


We’re proud that our reputation precedes us. New clients approach us because they know that no matter the magnitude, deadline or complexity of a job, we’ll get it done. In a landscape where all the companies are using the indirect marketing approach, we offer the direct approach guaranteeing the Return Over Investment (ROI).