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PRA Group (Nasdaq: PRAA)

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PRA Group (Nasdaq: PRAA), a global leader in acquiring and collecting nonperforming loans, is an integral part of the financial receivables lifecycle. We return capital to banks and other creditors, strengthening their ability to lend and more attractively price credit for consumers. Over more than 20 years, we have developed longstanding relationships with many of the largest consumer lenders in the Americas and Europe.

PRA Group companies collaborate with customers to help them resolve their debt and provide a broad range of additional revenue and recovery services that return millions of dollars annually to business and government clients.

Career Opportunities

One of the first things you will notice about PRA is that while our business is financially driven, at our heart we are a people-focused company.

What distinguishes us is the respect we have for our customers, for our clients, and for one another.

Contact Information

PRA Group
120 Corporate Boulevard
Norfolk, Virginia 23502, U.S.