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Power-Build Construction

Public Construction

PowerBuild Construction is a licensed construction company mainly engaged in property construction, maintenance, renovation and construction-related services. As a licensed General Contractor and Utility Contractor in Georgia, PowerBuild is committed to providing a full set of property solutions from architectural consulting, valuation, contracting, construction to delivery and property maintenance.

PowerBuild accepts construction projects that include high-rise hotels, office buildings, commercial buildings, apartments, townhomes, single-family homes, warehouses and other types of property. With 20 professional architects and construction managers, PowerBuild has become the most trusted construction company in the Atlanta area.

PowerBuild is currently undertaking eleven projects with a total construction cost of nearly two hundred million dollars and a total gross floor area of nearly one million square feet.

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Power-Build Construction
5950 Live Oak Parkway,
STE 320, Norcross,
GA, 30093