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Our History

We’ve been in the IT industry since 1981. Our first location was in downtown Cincinnati, OH with 20 employees. The store's focus was retail sales of personal computers and related peripherals and software to end consumers. Today, we employ over 2,000 people, have 23 locations and provide companies with IT solutions ranging from value added Hardware sales to storage strategies to desktop management.

Since 1992, Pomeroy has acquired several companies including Ballantyne Consulting Group in Charlotte, NC, Micro Logic Business Solutions in Kansas City, MO, and Alternative Resources Corporation (ARC) in Barrington, IL. With over 2000 certified technical resources, and more than 23 years of experience, Pomeroy is a natural choice for companies looking for a long-term IT Solutions partner.

Solution Focused Company

understands the unique challenges a business faces, especially with today's economy. We offer our customers complete solutions that reduce their overall IT costs - thereby allowing them to re-invest in their core businesses. By combining the right people, strategy and technologies, Pomeroy is able to provide customers with increased efficiencies, decreased costs, and the ability to maximize their existing IT investments.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be the leader in designing, implementing, and supporting technology based solutions through commitment to our customers, with our employees, and for our shareholders.

Our Mission

For our customers, employees, and shareholders to view Pomeroy as the best company to:

  • Do business with because of our relentless commitment to execute and deliver the highest level of quality.

  • Work for because of our unwavering commitment to provide a meaningful and rewarding work experience.

  • Invest in because of our long-term commitment to consistently meet and exceed our financial objectives.


Our customers consistently tell us the thing that makes us different is our focus on their needs. Vendor neutrality allows Pomeroy to provide solutions based on the customer’s needs, not what we have to sell. This vendor neutrality and focus are the hallmarks of our product and services offerings. Customer Focus Means: Working to understand the customer’s unique solution requirements. Representing a broad and deep product/service set from a technical and sales perspective. Making the best call for the customer for the short, medium and long-term.


Enterprise Consulting

By combining the right people, strategy and technologies, Pomeroy Consulting Group helps companies increase efficiencies and decrease costs.

    Application Development – Pomeroy has developers who assist in creating custom applications to meet customers’ unique business needs.

    Business Process Optimization – Dedicated to helping customers improve the bottom line, Pomeroy has consultants who help with process improvement and collaborative logistics.

    ERP Solutions – Experienced in Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Pomeroy is a natural choice if you are considering Oracle or SAP applications for your company.

    CRM Solutions –Understanding a customer’s experience across all touch points of your organization is key to customer satisfaction. Pomeroy Consulting Group is experienced in helping companies define and implement the right CRM solution for their business.

    E-Business – Pomeroy can help you with creating a web site or extending your business processes to the web.

    Business Intelligence – Pomeroy provides customers with the ability to access and analyze mission-critical information on demand and in real-time. This is becoming increasingly more important with market competition and required reporting procedures for certain industries.

    Outsourcing – Pomeroy has IT personnel available to supplement your staff, freeing up your financial resources and time to concentrate on your core business.

Infrastructure Solutions

Pomeroy has experienced certified engineers to assist you with your infrastructure needs from architecture to implementation.

    High Performance File Servers – Pomeroy has the experience and ability to implement and support mid-range servers including clustering and server consolidation.

    Voice, Video, Data & Network Integration – Pomeroy enables businesses, especially call centers, to increase productivity, save costs through management of one data source, and increase customer satisfaction with integration of data, voice and video on a single IP based network. Pomeroy also architects and installs wireless network connections throughout or between buildings to provide more flexibility and productivity.

    Storage Strategies – Pomeroy understands the impact enterprise storage can have on a company’s infrastructure and applications. Pomeroy has a team of storage architects and engineers across best of breed technologies to help you select the best option for your environment.

    Security Solutions – Pomeroy’s Security Solution consists of a layered approach, offering products and services that when combined create a comprehensive security program. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning are two of those six layers.

    Thin Client – Pomeroy provides solutions and services for secure deployment of server based applications via a web browser. These solutions are low in cost compared to traditional desktop computers and provide a centralized area for data backup and application upgrades.

    Managed Services – Pomeroy can be your single source provider for your electronic interaction and commerce needs. Services offered include WAN Monitoring, Hosted Applications, and Remote LAN Monitoring.

    Cabling Solutions – Pomeroy’s Cabling Division is equipped to support all aspects of your communication cable system such as move/add change support for cabling, telephones and PCs. We are experienced to support all communication media types including shielded and unshielded copper cable, coaxial cable and fiber optic cable.

Lifecycle Services

Pomeroy has a long history of proven performance with technology refreshes, roll-outs, and desktop services.

    Strategic Sourcing – Pomeroy’s experienced strategic sourcing group can assist you with platform selection, sourcing, and order management.

    Integration & Distribution Logistics – Pomeroy takes great pride in preparing your equipment to the exact specifications needed. We have a 170,000 square feet distribution and configuration facility to accommodate large rollouts.

    Implementation Services – Pomeroy understands the importance of a flawless implementation and uses solid project management methodology to ensure a reduction in project timelines, revisits and costs for our customers.

    Technical Support Services – Pomeroy provides an array of support services including: help desk, desk side support, moves/adds/changes, and asset management. Pomeroy Extended Care enables customers to have extended warranties that are more customizable and less expensive than what they would receive from the manufacturer.

    DoD Drive Wiping Services – Pomeroy IT Solutions offers a DoD Drive Wiping service as a part of our Brokerage/End-of-Life offering. A DoD (Department of Defense) wipe is a method of drive clearing and sanitization to the same standard (DoD 5220.22-M) which is used by the US Department of Defense (DoD), US Department of Energy (DoE), the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the National Security Administration (NSA).

    In a typical DoD wipe (3 pass over-wipe with random binary patterns), all addressable hard drive locations are overwritten with a character, its compliment, and then a random character and verify. The process repeats 3 times, thus guaranteeing that no data can be recovered by either a member of the public or by a commercial enterprise.

    By using this type of wipe, your organization can rest assured that any protected information contained on a drive will be made irretrievable.

    Technology Disposition – Pomeroy provides customers with a range of solutions for disposition of equipment. These solutions include redeployment to another department within your company, brokering the equipment, donating the equipment or disposing of the equipment to meet EPA regulations.

Financing Solutions

helps customers from strategy to procurement. Pomeroy can help you determine the best method to finance your project based on your objectives. Pomeroy offers a variety of options including standard leasing.

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