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Polamer precision is a global aerospace manufacturing company specializing in complex aerospace engine components for demanding applications. We collaborate with clients to solve challenges in engineering and production. Polamer Precision's approach to aerospace manufacturing is vastly different than other sub-primes in the aerospace industry. We are a positive, forward-looking company with the future on our collective minds.

Innovation and dedication to new technology has resulted in a proven track record of surpassing expectations while consistently setting the bar for what can be accomplished in lean manufacturing. Our relentless pursuit to innovate is at the core of our principles. We have had unprecedented growth year after year with a current employee count of over 160 and almost a billion dollar backlog of business.

Polamer Precision's efforts present a paradigm shift in terms of what can be accomplished with manufacturing in the United States. Our ability to maximize technological assets while empowering people with the latest tools enables us to compete on a global scale.

Whether installing a megawatt solar array or acquiring the latest cutting-edge technology, we strive to improve every aspect of aerospace manufacturing on a daily basis.


  • Comprehensive medical insurance plans including dental
  • Paid insurance packages: Life insurance, disability, and more
  • 401k and HRA funding
  • Company paid apparel and vouchers for safety shoes and glasses
  • Paid time off (PTO) as well as paid holidays Employee Assistance Program (AEP)

Career Opportunities

Our goal is to truly empower each member of our staff to shape the future of aerospace through innovation and technology. Team members enjoy a safe, rewarding work environment with a limitless potential for advancement. We have created an inclusive company culture that fosters growth and acknowledges individual achievements. The cornerstone of our innovation is a diverse and synergistic environment which allows new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to flourish.