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Platinum HRM

Public Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 17 Active Jobs

Platinum HRM is an established provider of Human Resource Management services, providing exceptional HR and payroll administration since 2002. Our organization has grown to become a trusted outsourcing solution for hundreds of clients across the United States.

Our clients utilize our expert HR Management solutions which span a broad spectrum of expertise, including HR and Payroll, Staffing and Time Management, Compliance, Risk Management, Business Analytics and other management and administrative services.

A professional team works closely with clients to customize solutions that target their particular business need. Clients know that they can let us worry about their employee and staffing requirements so that they can focus on their business. Our loyal customer base and expanding services are a testimony to our commitment for bottom-line impact, customer satisfaction and quality results.


The challenge of recruiting and retaining talented staff can overwhelm in-house human resource professionals. Profitability and morale may suffer from high vacancy rates bad hires. From administrators to managers to line staff, our recruitment expertise gives you the peace of mind that comes with having the right staff, and our retention programs lower costs and improve morale.


Platinum HR Management recruitment begins with a thorough understanding of your geographic and demographic realities. We then cast a targeted recruitment net through local, national & on-line resources. From traditional media to conducting our own preparation classes for licensed professions, we draw on strategic resources to properly staff your company. Our seasoned recruitment specialists:

  • Manage all aspects of advertising from ad design and placement to budgeting and cost control
  • Negotiate discounted pricing with publishers and on-line vendors
  • Field and track applicant responses and schedule interviews with qualified applicants
  • Conduct background and reference checks, license verification and drug testing
  • Pre-employment services including job description development and interview skills training

We believe in providing full visibility into the recruitment process. Our clients receive dynamic time-to-fill assessments and aggressive strategies for low response positions.


Employment surveys consistently demonstrate jaw-dropping costs for turnover. From vacancy costs, replacement costs and morale impact, we recognize that monitoring the satisfaction and tenure of existing employees is critical. Platinum HR Management controls turnover through:

  • Employee Recognition initiatives
  • Staff Development programs
  • Leadership Training for department heads, supervisors and administrators
  • Career advancement opportunities

Platinum also employs veteran employee relations professionals who conduct regular meetings and surveys to solicit employee opinions and gauge sentiment on all levels. Finally, we carry out difficult to obtain exit interviews with employees who leave the organization.

Competitive Wage and Hire AnalysisWe regularly conduct market analyses to ensure that our salary structures attract and retain talented staff. In addition, we continuously test our overall costs so that cost-per-hire metrics remain in-line with organizational objectives. Our refined survey techniques succeed in providing reliable and timely intelligence to our clients.

Interim & Temporary Staffing

Platinum provides national services for temporary, interim and permanent placement. We leverage our buying power with agencies and our 24/7 centralized scheduling office maximizes your opportunities for necessary staff even on short notice. In certain regions you can even take advantage of Platinum's own temporary pool to fill gaps and act as a pipeline for permanent placement.


Discover your winning career with the help of Platinum HRM! As one of the nation’s industry-leading resources for healthcare staffing solutions and recruitment services, Platinum HR Management takes a unique approach to matching qualified candidates with rewarding professional employment opportunities. As our company continues to grow, we are always on the lookout for top talent.