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Piramal Enterprises Ltd.

Public Pharmaceutical

Piramal Group is a global business conglomerate with interests in Pharma, Financial Services, Information Management, Glass Packaging and Real Estate. With offices in 30 countries and brand presence in over 100 markets, the Piramal Group has a global team of over 10,000 people from 21 diverse nationalities.

Since 1984, the Piramal Group has battled complex challenges to stay ahead of the curve. From one of the longest trade union strikes to fluctuating political stands, we have consistently attained organic and inorganic growth, thanks to strong global partnerships and strategic investments in core businesses. Today, the Piramal Group is valued at USD 9.5 billion, with more than 60% of the revenue generated from international markets. Our deal with Abbott in 2010, yielded a business evaluation of USD 3.72 billion – a staggering ~9x sale and ~30x EBITDA.

We believe in India’s economic potential and strive to transform the socio-economic ecosystems for a better tomorrow. Our philanthropic arm, Piramal Foundation runs innovative programmes across the healthcare, education, and water. Our initiatives such as Piramal Sarvajal and Swasthya are case studies at the Harvard Business School.

Career Opportunities

At Piramal, every day brings new possibilities, learning and excitement. A truly entrepreneurial environment, incredible learning, and fast-track career growth are integral aspects of our culture. We also believe in taking early bets on talent, as we grow and move closer towards our 2020 vision.

Accelerate your career path through our world-class Top Talent Programs

We have flagship programs (IGNITE, ASCEND and SUMMIT) for our top talent at junior, middle and senior management levels to groom them to take on larger roles and deliver accelerated career growth. These programs are delivered in partnership with some of the world’s best firms in leadership development to help you discover your leadership signature, pave the way for exponential career growth and place you firmly ahead of the curve.