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A group of experienced upper-level managers were discussing the fallout of a project. They arrived at the conclusion that the project had been unsuccessful due to a lack of attention and customer care in the company. This realization lead them to discuss similar downfalls in other companies they had worked for and worked with. They realized that there was a hole in the staffing industry. None of them had knowledge of a company that placed client satisfaction and customer service as the absolute top priority. Most companies in the staffing industry relied on speed and quantity of placements to make a profit.


Pinnacus has access to hundreds of thousands of qualified candidates in your area so as to best ensure the right match for your hiring needs.

Our Recruiters and Account Managers have many years of experience in the staffing industry, and have proven themselves to be amongst the most decorated and accomplished executives in their field. Their achievements and accolades further support Pinnacus’s dedication to quality and customer service.

Candidates are extensively interviewed and background checked. Their resumes and past work history are closely examined, and our Recruiters spend a lot of time learning about and getting to know each individual candidate in order to properly gauge adaptability to your company culture and job requirements. Aptitude and cultural assessments are also conducted, and after the interview process is complete we have a full picture of who the candidate is and what they have to offer.