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Being the best takes a steady focus. Pettibone is totally dedicated to
material-handling equipment. It's all we've ever done, will ever do. In
the 1950s, we revolutionized the job site with the world's first
forward-reaching, rough-terrain machines. Since then, we've continued to
give customers superior machines that can tackle their toughest
demands. From design to engineering to production and owner support, we
do it best. Pettibone takes the time to make each machine one by one at
our plant in Michigan. So our parts fit better, our machines last longer
and work harder, and operators can move their materials wherever they
need to without thinking twice.


Pettibone is known for manufacturing some of the toughest machines in the industry, providing years of productivity. In the event you need parts for your machine, genuine Pettibone parts are available throughout our extensive network of highly trained and knowedgable dealers. Each dealer is ready to assist you in getting the Pettibone parts you need, and getting you back on the job... Fast!

If you are in need of Pettibone parts and not located near an authorized dealer, please contact us at 1-800-GoPettibone for factory direct service.

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