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Pettibone LLC

Private Manufacturing 2,500 - 5,000 Employees

Pettibone, LLC is the parent of many independent manufacturing companies which produce a wide array of equipment and products. The independent business model fosters entrepreneurship and growth and allows professional development at all levels. Pettibone, LLC is wholly owned by The Heico Companies, LLC.

Our philosophy of developing a close customer contact to provide prompt, responsive service and to meet our customer's changing needs allows us to be leaders within our respective industries. Equipment and products are marketed domestically through a direct sales force, manufacturer's representatives and an established network of independent dealers. Internationally, Pettibone sells in more than 60 countries through an independent distributor network, company sales representatives, licensees and agents. Our company is diverse and has a solid management base, product/market niches and efficient manufacturing capabilities.

Capital Equipment Segment

Bartell: Bartell, headquartered in Rome, New York, manufactures bead winding systems that supply the tire industry for passenger, light-truck, medium-truck, radial and giant off-road tires. Additional equipment includes truck apexing, and bead handling and measuring machinery. The wire and cable industry products consist of stranders, cablers, pay-offs, take-ups, capstans and ancillary equipment. Working together with the world’s foremost pipeline engineers, Bartell has developed equipment that is used to produce oil and gas pipelines that are able to survive the rigors and pressures of the ocean’s depths. Bartell is a full partner with major energy companies in pursuit of meeting the global energy demands across the world.

RMS Equipment Company: RMS, located in Akron, Ohio, is a leading designer and manufacturer of process machinery for the tire and rubber industries. The company’s tire-manufacturing equipment consists of first- and second-stage tire assembly systems for radial light-truck and passenger-car tires. The company’s rubber extrusion equipment includes hot and cold feed extruders; single, dual, triple and quad extrusion heads; single-roll roller dies; slab feeders; down-stream processing equipment; and small calenders.

Sarclad: Sarclad, headquartered in Sheepbridge, England, manufactures capital equipment for steel markets across the globe. Sarclad’s Rolltex rolling process provides electro-discharge texturing of rolling mill rolls. Sarclad’s Rollscan system is an advanced noncontact surface and subsurface inspection system for rolling mill rolls. The Strand Condition Monitor is a measurement system for continuous casting machines.

The Steelastic Company:Steelastic, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, manufactures systems that automatically produce reinforced steel belts and fabrics for pneumatic rubber tires used on all types of automotive vehicles. Its Belt System features its “E” Die high-pressured extrusion technique used to produce premium-quality steel belts for radial passenger and truck tires. Its Body Ply Production System is designed to produce the world’s strongest, most consistent steel cord body ply for radial truck tires. Its Apex Application System automatically extrudes, forms and applies a rubber apex shape onto the outside periphery of a tire bead.

Heavy Equipment Segment

Barko Hydraulics: Barko, headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin, manufactures and markets a line of equipment for the forestry, scrap, construction and industrial markets. The Barko™ knuckleboom loader is a versatile machine used for applications such as cut-log handling and scrap handling. Barko material handlers and land preparation equipment service the utility, construction and industrial markets

Pettibone/Traverse Lift: Pettibone/Traverse Lift, located in Baraga, Michigan, is a manufacturer of versatile material-handling equipment for the construction, forestry, steel, pipeline and railroad industries. Pettibone designed and manufactured the first telehandler in 1972 and has maintained their reputation as one of the most robustly designed machines in the industry. Ardco, a division of Pettibone, is a leading manufacturer of off-highway vehicles used for oil and natural gas exploration. Pettibone’s unique Cary-Lift material handling machines are ideally suited to the mining and energy industries. Speed Swing rail maintenance equipment offers the ability to operate both on and off the rail

Tiffin Parts: Tiffin, headquartered in Tiffin, Ohio, markets high-quality replacement parts for the construction and timber-harvesting industries. The company also provides refurbishing services for aged cranes and other equipment, transforming them into “like new” machines. Tiffin Parts stocks a wide range of quality aftermarket internal engine replacement parts for Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota engines


Davies Molding: Davies, headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois, is a leading supplier of standard plastic parts, including knobs, handles and cases. The company has an extensive range of tools, molds and finishes that give its customers a wide variety of styles and mountings. With over 400 products and 9,000 variations, Davies supplies top-quality parts engineered to meet virtually any requirement. Effikal: Effikal, headquartered in Kinston, North Carolina, is a leading manufacturer of vent and flue dampers in the HVAC industry.Effikal’s product lines include electronic vent, flue and other specialty dampers for the commercial and residential markets. Field Controls: Located in Kinston, North Carolina, Field Controls specializes in products for the HVAC industry, including venting, air purification, draft control and combustion air. Field’s Combustion Air Systems provide controlled amounts of outside air for the proper combustion of oil or gas heating appliances. To solve the problem of poor indoor air quality, Field has developed a complete line of products. Spartan Tool and Rior-Rioned: Spartan, headquartered in Mendota, Illinois, is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of electro-mechanical and high-pressure water jet equipment for cleaning drains and sewers. Its sister company, Rior-Rioned BV in Tilburg, Netherlands, leads Europe in the same category. Their electro-mechanical lines range from small, hand-held units used for residential and commercial rodding to larger drum units used for industrial and institutional pipe and sewer cleaning. Smaller, high-pressure water jet machines are ideal as efficient portable cleaning machines. Stenograph: Stenograph, located in Elmhurst, Illinois, has been in business 75 years. Stenograph manufactures shorthand machines and related software used in courts, parliaments and court reporting schools worldwide. To complement its strong lineup of machines and software, Stenograph also offers a full line of top-quality supplies and educational materials. In 2005 Steno graph purchased a court reporting school in Alabama, Prince Institute, and has since added two additional campuses located in Denver, CO and Schaumburg, IL.

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