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Penn Global Marketing

Public Insurance Sales - Marketing 22 Active Jobs

Penn Global Marketing is based outside St. Louis, in Town & Country, MO., and operates in 43 states and DC. Our mission, we believe, is focused on the 2 factors of our success; our clients and our career representatives.  It is our understanding that there is a secret formula for this success:

Success = 1 part attitude  + 1 part ambition + 1 part thirst for knowledge

Added to 1 part proven systems + 1 part mentoring

The first three would be up to you and the final two are our responsibility. We welcome you to explore our website, but more importantly encourage you to visit with one of our people in person.

Career Opportunities

In 2012, a highly successful team of senior sales managers who had been together for decades chose to chart a new path. Penn Global Marketing was formed as a new company with an independent vision of growth in the insurance industry. Being that this senior management team has been together for over 600 years collectively, their wealth of experience, wisdom and knowledge is the foundation to build and develop a new generation of sales leaders. To accomplish this, the existing sales management team has a developed a mentor mentality to pass on with constant training, support and encouragement, what they have learned over the decades.

These leaders come from all walks of life and varied career and educational backgrounds. The common link among them is a burning desire to be part of something growing, a willingness to learn, and a passion for being of service to others.

Mission Statement

  • We are in business to provide great value in products and quality service to our clients.
  • But just as importantly, we are here to enhance the lives of our people, not only financially, but spiritually and intellectually. If our people don't become better parents, spouses and citizens, we fail.
  • We believe in upward mobility based on ability and the premise that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.