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Peak Incorporated

Private Sales - Marketing Advertising

We are a leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face marketing and direct sales teams serving a diverse clientele base in a wide range of industries rather than be restricted by the limitations imposed through sales of specific products.

By employing professional sales and marketing teams who work directly on our clients’ behalf to institute immediate, widespread, and aggressive sales campaigns, Peak Incorporated produces tangible results and benefits for our clients.

Through proven success with our client base, Peak Incorporated has maintained long-standing relationships with major Fortune 500 companies in such industries as telecommunications, outsourced merchant services, retail, energy and utility services, and office products and supplies.

The high frequency of indirect channels of sales and marketing, such as television and radio advertisements, as well as direct mail and telephone campaigns, has created an increasingly impersonal relationship between the product and consumer. Peak Incorporated bridges this detrimental gap by building lasting relationships through face-to-face, personal contact with businesses and individuals. When compared to other forms of sales and marketing, the benefits of Peak Incorporated methods are obvious and invaluable.

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Peak Incorporated
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