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In 1993 PCE, Inc was founded by Sam Featherston and a group of outside investors.  Of the founding investors, Sam and 2 others still maintain some ownership in the company with an additional 20% employee owned.  Sam, who is the only original investor, is active in the day to day operations of the business.

Core Values

PCE was founded in 1993 and exists on three principles:

Build Our Company  Develop and/or acquire new companies, products and/or services that build on or complement existing products and the industries we serve.
Seek Cutting - Edge Technology  Develop, acquire or utilize the latest technologies to insure our ability to compete in and lead in the industries we serve.
Support Our Employees   Develop and cross train our employees at all levels to ensure each individual is able to maximize their capabilities. We believe that should invest in equipment, tooling, computers, automation, education and facilities that enable each individual to maximize their efforts.

There are two groups within PCE, Plastics and Data Center Solutions. PCE Plastics Group has the capabilities in 3 types of plastics manufacturing which are blow-molding, injection molding and pipe & profile extrusion. The Data Center Solutions Group manufactures and assembles data center's power distribution and monitoring systems. We are doing business in 6 continents and have solutions for every size of company from just a few employees up to hundreds of thousands. We pride ourselves on the dedication we have to our customers. We know that no two customers are alike. Every call is answered by a live person; customization and customer specification is regular operating procedure and achieving the quality results that our customers expect.

Contact Us

Corporate Headquarters
1711 Yolande Ave
Lincoln NE 68521