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Patrice & Associates - GFS

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A nationwide network of Restaurant and Hospitality Recruiting Offices, an immense database of qualified candidates, and hundreds and hundreds of jobs to fill at any given time: Patrice and Associates is the recruiting engine that fuels the restaurant, foodservice, food retail, and hospitality industries. We are specialized recruiters for all restaurant/ foodservice and hospitality related jobs and we have connections who build rewarding careers and grow great brands. We work the entire country and focus on all major markets from the east coast to the west, but we also know how to work effectively in the smallest towns throughout the country – we have hospitality connections everywhere!

Who We Serve

We represent all facets of the hospitality industry - restaurants, grocery stores/ supermarkets, bars, catering companies, hotels, banquet facilities, resorts, private clubs, etc. This includes national brands, regional/ local chains, and franchises, as well as those companies that service the hospitality industry. Tell us who you need – chances are we have qualified candidates ready to send your way – from operations management to human resource positions to District Management and corporate executive opportunities.

The Candidates

We maintain a vast database of management talent with all sorts of foodservice and hospitality backgrounds: fast food, casual-dining, family-style, former restaurant owners, catering, food & beverage, banquet, chefs at all levels and with degrees from some of the best culinary schools in the world, as well as recent college grads who were servers during college, ex-military candidates who were involved in foodservice… most any type of experience. Our team is dedicated to constantly growing our database of active and passive candidates seeking the right career move.

The Companies

With Patrice & Associates, you’re in good company. We represent most major corporate chains. We are an integral part of this industry and maintain access to its best and brightest stars: $4MM AUV casual-dining companies; $6MM–$10MM AUV themed-dining clubs; $4MM AUV family-style restaurants; fabulous fine-dining venues, fast food and fast casual concepts, companies opening multiple new locations every year; airports, malls, travel plazas, as well as high-end grocery/ supermarket retailers, resort operators, and hotel companies, large and small, and we do it all nationwide - if its related to hospitality or foodservice, we work with them.

How We Do It

All recruiters are not created equal. In fact, few can boast a national network of recruiters to serve you anywhere and everywhere or an active database of over 250,000 qualified candidates and ONLY Patrice & Associates has the right approach – professionals passionate about the win-win solution of MATCHING superior candidates with great companies.

Here’s exactly how we have consistently delivered for clients for over two decades:

Talent and Attitude – In order to find the best people for you, we first secure our own top talent. Experienced hospitality managers from top companies nationwide – our people know your business, they know recruiting, and every one shares our commitment to creating win-win situations for employers and candidates.

Systems and Support – Unlike most firms in this industry, where your relationship is only as good as the one recruiter you know, Patrice & Associates functions as a tight network. Every candidate recommendation is reviewed by several regional and corporate team members, so you constantly benefit from the full horsepower of our team.

Superior Candidates – At the end of the day, it comes down to sourcing superior people. We go above and beyond to screen active candidates and to find great passive candidates that aren’t on anyone’s radar. Between our size and reputation, the personal relationships across our network, and a commitment to constant telemarketing – we have the candidates others just don’t have.