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Pasona N A, Inc. was established in 1985 as a temporary staffing and full-time placement firm specializing in Japanese companies doing business in the United States. As Japanese companies grew and continually hired new staff during the early nineties, Pasona captured much of the niche market in the US.

While the temporary staffing and full-time placement business matured in the US, the outsourcing business was taking off amongst US businesses. Pasona executives believed that similar processes and business techniques could be utilized to assist the Japanese counterparts. Accordingly, the outsourcing division of Pasona was established in 2001.

The main goal of the outsourcing division is to provide clients with the best solution for the obstacles that businesses encounter every day. While focusing on outsourcing the daily tasks within functions like payroll, accounting, human resources, benefit administration, general affairs and information technology, we also partner with consulting firms, accounting firms and IT firms to provide an end to end solution in order to precisely match client needs. Our outsourcing model allows us the flexibility to provide one to two employee companies with payroll processing services, a one hundred employee company to outsource entire accounting and HR departments and a thousand employee company to blend the services so that the client may keep a majority of the control while still getting many of the benefits of outsourcing.

While outsourcing becomes a larger part of Pasona’s business, staffing is what Pasona is known for. Pasona continues to have the largest database of Japanese speaking bilinguals, and is the only staffing firm that focuses on Japanese businesses in the US covering both coasts with multiple offices across North America. The temporary and full-time placement business will continue to be a main revenue source with the use of the proprietary database that Pasona developed over the years. This database allows Pasona to continually obtain the best available talent for any position and differentiates both the staffing as well as the outsourcing business from any of our competitors.

Whether our clients require outsourcing, temporary staffing, or full-time placement, our highly trained staff, consults with each client to provide the best solution for the obstacles that businesses may encounter.


At Pasona we continue to work towards providing new forms of employment and new job opportunities. As the leading company in the human resources field, we believe it is our duty to aim high in our services to society. By contributing to society through our various corporate activities, it is the duty of Pasona to lead the way towards creating a better working environment for all people while becoming an indispensable enterprise that contributes to the growth of value to society.