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Parallel Employment Group

Staffing Employment - Recruiting - Staffing Industrial Manufacturing 250 - 500 Employees Headquartered in Oak Creek, WI 49 Active Jobs

To describe the team at Parallel Employment Group, you could use one word--PASSION. At Parallel, we have passion for people, businesses and communities. Parallel was created to work in tandem with our clients, providing quality products and services.

Our CREATIVITY allows us to design superior, custom solutions. Whether you need a single contractor or a complete facility management program, Parallel can devise a plan to meet your needs. The employment specialists at Parallel are ready to facilitate all aspects of your business.

Parallel Employment Group is built on a foundation of INTEGRITY. We, along with our customers, hold integrity as the number one criteria for doing business. This is what guides Parallel to make the right choices for our clients and our employees. As we venture through the twenty-first century, the companies with integrity will rise to the top!

Parallel inspires a team approach with our clients, WORKING WITH YOU to create a culture that is not just functional but committed. Our dedication to teamwork produces a workforce that shares this quality, leading to a fulfilling partnership!

Employment Services

Employment Services

Parallel Employment Group has been providing short- and long-term employment services since 1987. As our clients, you have come to depend on our ability to maintain a talent pool of dedicated contingent employees. We are in the business of people and our passion is bringing our clients and employees together. Parallel Employment Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Short-Term Placement

Parallel is committed to excellence when supplying temporary employees to meet our client’s daily production needs. We focus on the human aspect of client/employee relations. While we understand the need for our employees to find meaningful, fulfilling work on a daily basis, we also understand our clients’ need to find short-term, dedicated, hard-working employees. The skill and passion of our recruiters is what makes Parallel so successful in procuring your contingent workforce.

Long-Term and Permanent Placement

We know that sometimes you need more than short-term help. Parallel offers programs to help you find the perfect candidate for your long-term or permanent needs. These positions require not only skill matching, but also a match between a candidate’s personality and your company’s corporate culture. Parallel will work with you to ensure this match, using the latest personality profile assessments and will schedule interviews for you to meet the candidates when desired.


Workforce Management Parallel Employment Group has a number of services to manage and facilitate an employment program for our clients to capitalize on their labor investment. These programs range from a standard on-premise staffing coordinator to our Vendor Management Service encompassing multiple facilities and states. With our expertise, knowledge and cutting-edge systems, Parallel will develop an employment program customized for your specific needs. The following are some of our key management programs to consider: