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Palace Gate Corporation

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Palace Gate Corporation began in 2006 from a humble dining room table with a laptop, telephone and a Windows server. Armed with a breadth of knowledge obtained through years of previous experience working in the IT recruiting field, Sally Martin, along with her husband, James Martin, have led the company into an 80-employee company working out of new offices in an office building in Skokie, IL.

Our Mission

Palace Gate Corporation is an information technology consulting and full-time placement firm that is committed to the success of its clients and its talented placements alike. Palace Gate Corporation is consistent in matching the right people with the right opportunity. The company approach is simple: understand clients’ requirements, business needs and cultures in order to quickly identify the best resources to meet those needs and achieve business success.


Staffing Services

Palace Gate Corporation offers the right staffing services to meet the needs of your company. We will make sure there is a good fit for both the client and the consultant. By implementing a customer driven consulting model, PGC partners with its clients to provide resources based on the clients’ criteria. This approach enables PGC to provide solutions to its clients’ specific needs while clientele retain control of their projects.