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We offer specialized, patient-centered treatment to men and women age 18 and older. As a dedicated treatment center, we provide inpatient services for patients who want to take the first steps toward health and wellness.

What sets us apart from other detox centers? Here are some of the highlights of our innovative programs:

  • 24-hour clinical care. Our caring, compassionate staff members provide 24-hour monitoring and medical management for our patients. We have nurses and health technicians available at all times, and a physician who prescribes and oversees treatment. Patients are evaluated daily by a medical provider to ensure that their safety and comfort are always maintained.

  • Medication-assisted detox. In our progressive approach to treatment, we make it our priority to keep our patients comfortable. We want to see our patients succeed at detox and move on to the next stage of the healing process. With that goal in mind, we prescribe medications to relieve withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.

  • A full range of treatment programs. Our treatment programs address today’s most prevalent substance use disorders, including alcoholism, opiate abuse, and prescription drug addiction.

  • Treatment for co–occurring disorders. The clinical professionals at Orlando Recovery Center have the training, experience, and resources to handle the most complex and challenging cases. We provide detox services to patients with co-occurring psychiatric illness and substance use disorders, as well as treatment for individuals with multi-drug addictions.

  • State and national certification. Orlando Recovery Center is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), the state agency that oversees substance abuse treatment facilities. We are also pursuing national certification through the Joint Commission, an organization that sets the highest standards for safe, competent care in the United States.

  • Free in-state transportation. Making that initial commitment to go to detox can be one of the most challenging steps in recovery. To facilitate admission for our patients, we offer chauffeur-driven transportation to Orlando Recovery Center within the state of Florida at no charge.

  • Advanced treatment at affordable rates. To make our recovery services as accessible as possible, we offer our programs at reasonable rates, and we accept most types of health insurance.

At Orlando Recovery Center, recovery starts with a thorough intake process within 72 hours of admittance. We begin with a complete assessment that covers the patient’s physical, emotional, and medical status. We use this detailed evaluation to develop a treatment plan that’s tailored to the individual’s needs. From the time of admission, our team begins to plan the next steps in recovery to ensure the smoothest possible transition to the next level of care. We accept most types of insurance, as well as private payment.

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6000 Lake Ellenor Dr,
Orlando, FL 32809, USA