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Ora Group International

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing

Originally based in the North East of England (Newcastle) ORA Group has now relocated to Jersey City. ORA Group works with a host of Fortune 500 clients in industries ranging from telecommunications, home entertainment, medical, energy, security and charities whilst exploring new sectors such as finance.

As our success and experience grows so does the demand for our services, hence the fact we are one of the fastest growing organizations in the the direct marketing field.

ORA Group’s associates are key to our development and growth and we are keen to invest back into them hence our constant willingness to promote from within.

The solid relationships we have with our clients ensure our future growth and expansion through the Americas and back into Europe. This is essential to obtain our goal of scores of new locations for ORA group in the next 2 years.

Our Goals

The worldwide networking links we have at our disposal and the incredibly talented group of people we work with ensure us as a marketing leader in USA. The market is overflowing with marketing companies carrying out similar roles to ourselves. This is why we go above and beyond to give a unique experience for the client only found at ORA Group.

We believe in building brand loyalty with a premium marketing service. Our brand ambassadors are key to us creating a brand that clients can trust. We house an extremely diverse group of ambassadors and this brings a variety of experience too.

We are equally passionate about providing the same level of service to customers as well as clients. Our goal is to always ensure we have the most efficient marketing campaigns and be ready to diversify our approach on strategies at any time.

ORA Group knows that there are so many ways you can promote your brand nowadays. With huge technological advancements, before you know it you have hit your marketing budget. A promotional strategy has to be strategically thought out and planned. It takes time and companies can’t rush into any decision when it comes to spending thousands of pounds promoting their brand.

ORA Group’s clients use our services for a number of reasons:

  • Risk-free packages
  • Experience within the sales industry
  • Customer feedback reports
  • Flexible and ‘brand-friendly’ services
  • Long and short-term sales solutions
  • Guaranteed results within a specific time frame

Contact Us

ORA Group
26 Journal Square, Suite 501,
Jersey City 07306
New Jersey