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Opus Business Consulting

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About Us

Opus Business Consulting is an outsourced direct marketing and sales firm located in the Greater Pittsburgh area.  We specialize in creating professional representation for some of the largest Fortune 500 clients in the world.

For our clients, we provide a personal touch and trackable results they can take to the bank by guaranteeing 100% return on investment. We focus on this side of our clients’ business so they can make the most of their core business.

obc-1Since entering the Pittsburgh market, we have already doubled the expectations of one of our main clients and look forward to continuing the successful relationship. We recently expanded into an additional location and took on another client and aim to do this 2 more times by the end of 2016.  We will maintain a high level of quality and performance for our current clients as we continue to take on new challenges.


We are always looking for hard working, ambitious and energetic people to fill several open full time positions. We offer internship during the summer and school year as well.  Submit your resume and work with some of the best in the industry.

We believe that continual training and development are keys to a great career. We look for ways to develop our people at every turn. Whether this mean providing them with the resources they need or putting them in the position to take on challenges, our goal is continual improvement.

Mission & Values


At Opus Business Consulting our team’s goal is to use integrity, leadership, and passion to drive our clients’ sales & marketing needs.

As a leader in the outsourced sales industry, our company is committed to growing strong leaders who are eager to contribute their hard work while learning tangible business and management skills.  We do this through providing the most systematic training in sales, marketing, and leadership.


Integrity – Sustainable business relationships are created by long term trust. We believe that integrity is the most important part of any business and look for every opportunity to create trust between our clients, partners, and people.

Work Ethic – We believe that when it comes down to business, there is no substitute for hard work. We owe it to our clients and our people to put the effort in to improve and get them the results they deserve.

Positive Attitude – We live in the real world, so things happen. We cannot control everything. We believe that positive people tend to find a way around obstacles and solve problems while negative people tend to blame other people.

Student Mentality – We believe that always looking for ways to improve is essential in creating new opportunities for our company and our people. In other words, it’s OK to lose just don’t lose the lesson.