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Optimal Home Care Inc

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Optimal Home Care Inc. is a Colorado-owned and operated home health care and private duty agency, serving the counties and surrounding cities of Denver, Douglas, Arapahoe, Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, El Paso, Larimer, and Jefferson. We offer skilled home health services and non-medical home care services.  Optimal Home Care Inc. was established in 2004 with the mission of improving and restoring our clients’ lives through quality patient care, innovative specialty health care programs, state of the art technology and staff who has the compassion, heart, patience, empathy and competency to meet their needs.

Our Core Values

  •     Commitment – We are fully committed to providing you the best home care possible available in the community. We are believers of long-term relationships thus we strive to give each client the care that they deserve tat home.
  •     Advocacy – We are your partners who will assure that your best interest will be constantly upheld. We will protect and fight for your rights.
  •     Respect – We believe that every individual deserves unconditional respect. We understand and empathize with our clients’ needs and will make every effort to meet their needs.
  •     Excellence – We value the services that we offer to our clients. We value our employees, as they are partners in restoring the quality of life of our clients. Thus, we are committed to providing our staff the training and competency they need to be excellent in their jobs.


We respect your family’s privacy. We are committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal and medical information. None of your information will be shared or disclosed with anyone outside of Optimal Home Care Inc. We will strictly uphold your rights for privacy.

Reliability and Dependability

Optimal Home Care is well aware that the quality of our staff and their character is what makes us so unique in our industry. We strictly monitor references very carefully and screen them through our agency’s competency testing. All personnel meet strict State and Federal Licensing requirements, and undergo continuing education to keep up-to-date with advances in our field. Case managers and quality management specialists are assigned to each patient, working with the referring physician and the rest of the team to provide excellent care. At no time do we waiver from our ethical responsibility to protect the patient’s best interests.

Our management team constantly reviews, evaluates and improves our operational processes to ensure effective, efficient, adequate, appropriate and affordable delivery of service is being provided to our clients. We have an innate moral obligation to assure that every client admitted in the agency has been given the best possible home care service in his or her homes

Our Passion

Optimal Home Care Inc.’s passion is to simplify and innovate home health care by focusing on the people in the home care cycle – patients and home health care providers, through combining human wisdom and clinical expertise as well as the use of state-of-the –art technology. Optimal Home Care Inc. strives to improve patient outcomes while minimizing the home health care burden costs.

Optimal Home Care Inc.’s desire to lead in the home health care industry as the agency that enhances and transforms the human experience on how the home health care services are being delivered at clients’ homes. We aim to create and shape client’s overall home care experience as restorative, refreshing, energizing, satisfying, reassuring and uncompromising.

Optimal Home Care Inc. aspires to challenge the norm and the status quo of the home health industry. We aim to think beyond the limits and go above and beyond what has been normally accepted in industry.