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Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin

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Our Nation is originally from upstate New York. After the Revolutionary War, we lost nearly 5 million acres of our original homelands to the birth of the United States and the state of New York.  Our people began to relocate to Wisconsin. In 1838, the Treaty with the Oneida established the 65,400-acre Oneida Indian Reservation along Duck Creek. For nearly 200 years, we have lived here, a place we now call home.

The Oneida Nation and citizens are governed by the Oneida Constitution, adopted in 1936, and many Laws and regulations. In our website you will learn about the Oneida government; comprised of the General Tribal Council, Oneida Business Committee, Oneida Judiciary, and Boards Committees and Commissions. In “Our Ways” learn about our traditional form of government that is still intact today.

The Oneida Nation values our number one resource, our citizens. Oneida people are the catalyst for survival and progress. Our community extends beyond reservation boundaries to 17,000 citizens worldwide. In our website you will find programs, services, and resources that enable our community members to carry on the strength and determination of our ancestors.

The Oneida Nation built from meager beginnings has an economic presence that provides opportunities to Oneida citizens and many others. As a major contributor to the local economy our economic impact in Brown and Outagamie Counties exceed hundreds of millions of dollars. Within this website you will find job opportunities, our Retail enterprise, businesses, corporations, etc.