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Public Industrial 1,000 - 2,500 Employees 9 Active Jobs

The OMRON Group corporate motto, At work for a better life, a better world for all, was conceived by founder Kazuma Tateisi as a means of communicating the idea that a company should work for the benefit of society. It was designed to express that idea in a concise, clear phrase for employees. The motto is now positioned as a simple and clear statement describing the underlying concept for the OMRON Principles. Working for the benefit of society, the credo of OMRON founder Kazuma Tateisi, serves as the core value that underlies the OMRON Group's corporate activities. Our founder believed that the real purpose for a company to exist is to serve society, and that only when this is accomplished should the company earn profits and enjoy sustainable growth.
He also believed that only companies that add value and meet social needs can earn trust and respect from society as good corporate citizens, and thus successfully continue to exist as businesses. At the OMRON Group, this spirit has been preserved and consistently maintained over the years.

As society's needs become more diversified and wide-ranging, and the social responsibilities that companies assume become even more multifaceted and evolving, it is crucial that companies meet society's expectations.

Omron Management Center of America

Omron Management Center of America, Inc. (OMCA), headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, is the holding company for Omron’s operations in the Americas. OMCA supports Omron’s businesses in the Americas - encompassing Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, and the rest of Latin America, helping to maximize their results, particularly with regard to advancing Omron’s long-term management strategy. In particular, OMCA provides support for the region by providing legal, financial, tax, and human resources services. 
Our employees:
We recognize that our employees are the key to our success. We offer opportunities for growth and leadership, teamwork and individual excellence.  OMCA invests in all our employees personally and professionally with an attractive benefit and wellness package, and positive work environment.
Our Values:
Our core value is "Working for the benefit of society". OMCA works to support employee volunteer efforts, matching donations, and community outreach.

Omron Electronic Components

At work for a better life, a better world for all!

For over 80 years, Omron Electronic Components has been a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced electronic components. Extensive product groups include relays, switches, connectors, MEMS flow sensors, pressure sensors, and optical components. Omron Electronic Components is the Americas subsidiary of Omron Corporation, a $7 billion global leading supplier of electronics and control system components and services. Omron's broad product offering can be found in applications for the communications, transportation, medical, HVAC, appliance, industrial automation, consumer electronics, test and measurement, and gaming markets around the world. Omron Electronic Components has an extensive sales network consisting of regional sales professionals, inside sales representatives, technical sales assistants, customer service staff, and an authorized distributor network.

Omron Automotive Electronics

Shape a storied career with the OMRON Automotive Team!
As a leading division within a 30,000 employee strong company, OMRON Automotive Electronics proudly embraces 30+ years designing, developing and manufacturing on-board electronic components for 1st tier automotive, including GM, Ford, Honda, BMW. Approximately 40% of all on-board components throughout a car are electronics-based and Omron Automotive Electronics is at the forefront with leading components, including: RF/LF Products (Wireless Charging Pads, Passive Entry, Passive Anti-theft, Remote Keyless Entry, WCM[Wireless Control Module]); Power Products (Body/Chassis/Closure Control ECUs, Fuel Pump / HVAC Controllers, Daytime/Running Lights); and Switches (Accessory, Hidden, Power Seat / Window).
Exceptional level of quality and reliability is demanded of these components, as they are essential to all operations of the automobile.  As a manufacturer of on-board components, we continually provide customers with products predicated on a foundation of electronic innovation and leading technology.

Omron Healthcare, Inc.

With corporate headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois, Omron Healthcare is the driver of sales, marketing, and distribution of our consumer health monitoring and treatment products in the Americas.  As the U.S. market leader in home blood pressure monitoring, Omron Healthcare has continued its growth through development and distribution of fitness activity monitors and TENS pain management.  We have also recently launched a new fitness device and website directed at every woman, our new Mira Fitness franchise also based in Chicago.  As a health and wellness company, Omron Healthcare exemplifies the ideal of an ethical company driven to support everyday people looking to maintain and improve their health through our proven products and connected data options.  Our employees are the key to our continued success.

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Omron Management Center of America
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Omron Electronic Components
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Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

Omron Automotive Electronics, Inc.
3709 Ohio Ave.
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Omron Healthcare, Inc.
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