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Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas


Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas provides an industry-leading portfolio of remote visual inspection, ultrasonic, eddy current, and related nondestructive testing technologies. Our goal is to supply reliable, economical inspection and maintenance systems globally that enhance safety, security, and productivity for customers and that contribute to society. We are committed to actively pursuing the development of new technologies, products, and services that offer the best solutions to customers' needs. Our commitment to designing quality products is directly linked to our customers' responsibility to comply with the highest industry standards and regulations in order to ensure public safety.


Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas is an exceptional place to build your career. We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and the chance to become a part of a company that strives to provide and support our valuable internal and external customers. This goal is achieved by utilizing every employee while working together in an environment of mutual respect, dignity and integrity. Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas shows the value of its employees by offering a full range of traditional benefits (may vary by location).


The vision of Olympus is to become the leader in the NDT market by adding the Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas ultrasonic (UT) and eddy current (EC) technologies to its existing remote visual inspection (RVI) portfolio. Olympus strongly believes that this acquisition will enhance its ability to create exciting new inspection technologies and offer comprehensive market-led technical solutions.


The new Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas business now offers the following brands and products:

R/D Tech (Quebec, Canada) develops inspection systems based on a range of technologies that include eddy current, eddy current array, magnetic flux, ultrasound, and ultrasound phased array technologies. Systems are used in many applications, in particular the analysis of defects caused by welding, extrusion, and casting, as well as wear and corrosion. Advanced systems include data acquisition and processing software that can detect hidden flaws such as corrosion, porosity, cracks, etc.

NDT Engineering (Kent, Washington) is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of probes and transducers for aircraft inspection. The company offers eddy current probes, ultrasonic transducers, and reference standards.

Panametrics-NDT™ (Waltham Massachusetts) is a global, high technology leader in portable nondestructive testing equipment. The company develops and markets ultrasonic precision thickness gages, corrosion thickness gages, flaw detectors, pulser-receivers, and transducers to provide reliable test and measurement solutions for challenging applications.

Staveley NDT Technologies (Kennewick, Washington) manufactures and distributes a full line of nondestructive test equipment including flaw detectors, thickness and corrosion gages, composite testers, and conductivity gages along with probes, scanners and transducers. It offers instruments for ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, and bond testing.

R/D Tech (State College, Pennsylvania) designs and manufactures ultrasonic phased array transducers used on inspection systems. The arrays improve productivity and increase the capability for inspecting a variety of materials in industries including railroad, automotive, aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, and general structural applications.