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Private Sales - Marketing Advertising < 100 Employees Headquartered in Carson, CA 2 Active Jobs

Headquartered in Carson, California, OLN INC was founded in 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee. Since that time, our company has grown by 700%, spans over 8 states, has been recognized as one of the National Best and Brightest companies to work for 4 years in a row, and has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Yet, are we satisfied? Not hardly.

Our mission is to promote, perform and produce for our company, employees, clients and customers.

Bulletin Board

If you are interested in learning more about who we are, our team, and get an exclusive look at our company culture here OLN Inc, we have great news! We're officially YouTubers! Watch our latest videos and learn more about us.

Career Opportunities

Developing strong business leaders and entrepreneurs is the core focus of OLN INC. It is the only way to ensure that our company continues to grow with the success rate we have had. Rather than hire someone for a job - we hire and provide an opportunity. An opportunity to learn, grow and advance their professional careers.

We believe that to be an effective leader, one should understand, and be able to perform, all responsibilities that their team will be asked to do. This is why every manager in our company started in an entry level position and was cross trained in all aspects of our company. Unlike most corporate ladders where you are expected to "put in your time", OLN INC requires something different to advance. Results. Time on the job, backgrounds, and experience levels mean nothing to us, IF you cannot get the 'job done'. This puts everyone on the same playing field and gives each person the opportunity to be successful based on individual merit. 

If you are ready for your opportunity, check out more here.

Who We Are

At OLN INC we are a high energy, entrepreneurial minded group of individuals that work hard towards achieving our goals. We pride ourselves on having an above average work ethic with a passion for success. Although we work hard, we have just as much, if not more, fun! The leadership team believes that happy employees have higher productivity, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Recognizing hard work and achievements is a core belief of management in our company. What better way to motivate a staff than incorporating fun bonuses with trips, a new iPad, awards and recognition. And that is all in addition to the company advancement policy of earning promotions based off of individual performance. Being underappreciated is, quite possibly, the worst feeling at a job. At OLN INC that doesn't fly. 

We're coworkers, teammates and friends. We win together, we improve together. Follow us on LinkedIn to get to know us more.

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1 Civic Plaza Dr Suite 630   
Carson, California 90745