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NYSL Promotions


NYSL Promotions is a full-service interactive marketing and consulting firm for businesses seeking to connect with their customers in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Indirect marketing media, such as television, radio, and internet ads, have created a rift between companies and their customers. NYSL Promotions seeks to close that rift by building personal client-customer relationships using innovative advertising. Work with us to make a direct connection to your customers a reality for your business today.

Career Opportunities

NYSL Promotions emphasizes the professional development each member of our team into expert promotional specialists. In doing so we help them to achieve their career goals and maximize their potential. Through our carefully designed personnel development program, we develop innovative marketing managers to power our promotional campaigns. This has enabled us to foster a culture of professionalism, and performance that takes empowers our team to deliver results.

Our team is made up of people from a variety of background and experience levels, with many of our brand ambassadors joined NYSL Promotions shortly after graduating from college.


The NYSL Promotions team maximizes your returns by building promotional campaigns on a personal level. We leverage our experiential marketing strategy to help our clients gain greater brand expansion for their investment than conventional, indirect marketing channels. Using cutting-edge research, geographic analysis, and highly-targeted communication, we maximize growth and enhance return on investment.

By offering extensive professional development for each individual in our organization, we ensure that every client’s brand is carefully positioned for the greatest possible market saturation. Using the skills and techniques learned through our intensive training, our advertising experts are ready to help your dynamic marketing initiatives develop significant lifetime value for every customer relationship.

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