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NorthPoint Search Group Inc.

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Career Opportunities

NorthPoint Search Group is ready and able to help your organization. We specialize in placing top-tier executives and managers in specialty industries. From CFO or other C-Suite Leadership to middle and lower management, we screen our candidates for skill sets and work experience directly correlated to the positions our client seeks to fill. We pride ourselves on providing our employer clients with “A Player” candidates who have the skill to provide immediate positive impacts on their business operations.

Sales Marketing

NorthPoint Search Group is the premier destination for sales reps who want to progress their sales career. We specialize in the executive search recruitment of sales, sales management, sales support and technical sales professionals in various industries including telecommunications sales, chemical sales, business product sales, business services sales, channel sales, electronics sales, biotech and medical sales, industrial and building products sales, semi-conductor sales, healthcare sales, consumer products sales, information technology sales, packaging sales, insurance sales, data storage sales and computer software and hardware sales.

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NorthPoint Search Group
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