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Noor Inc

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Noor, Inc. was created in 2003 with a dual intention. First, the investment firm acquires whole staffing agencies, taking appropriate steps thereafter to enable vertical synergy, where a full lifecycle for professional services can be provided under one vision. Secondly, we create an inspiring work environment that allows individual recruiters to pursue personal ideas that can be experimented on and developed.

Habib Noor is a seasoned veteran in the professional services and staffing world, and a successful entrepreneur. Not surprisingly then, Mr. Noor believes strongly in enabling organizations and entrepreneurs like himself to build something that is supreme, high-quality and fruitful. To this end, he fosters an environment at Noor, Inc. that cultivates professional and personal happiness; a combination of ingenuity and independence, as well as retention of individuality, are all encouraged. Additionally, to further nurture a positive work environment, Noor, Inc. forgoes typical corporate hierarchies. Instead, individual recruiters and acquired companies alike are all referred to as “partners.”
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Noor, Inc. is always looking for dynamic professionals and organizations to partner with. If you are an individual recruiter seeking seasoned guidance and greater professional challenges, without the limits of typical corporate policy, we’re interested in discussing how Noor, Inc. can factor into your aspirations.

Or, if you’re an organization wishing to expand your line of services, unifying them under one vision, while also profiting from the extensive expertise held by Noor, Inc., we’re open to discussing potential collaborations.

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