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NHK Seating of America, Inc

Public Automotive - Motor Vehicles - Parts

NHK Seating of America is the automotive-seating division of parent corporation NHK Spring Company, Ltd.

We represent one of NHK’s four automotive-component suppliers serving the North American market under NHK International Corporation in Novi, Michigan.


Team members hired to fill any of NHK Seating’s more than 100 open positions are incrementally eligible for the following benefits and fully eligible after just one year.

Bonus-Pay Opportunities
• Attendance bonus: Earn $100 every month in compliance with the attendance policy
• Quality/productivity bonus paid 2x a year based on:
• Number of hours
• Production output
• Minimal customer returns

Insurance & Retirement Plans
• Major medical / hospitalization
• Loss-of-time / short-term disability
• Dental and vision
• Accidental death
• Life insurance
• 401(k) with company match

Guaranteed Pay for Special Absences, Including:
• Bereavement (immediate family member)
• Jury duty

Holiday Benefits
• All major holidays off with pay
• Christmas week off with pay
• Paid vacation time

Annual Recreational Benefits
• Holiday party
• Golf outing
• Company picnic

• Tuition reimbursement possibilities

Contact Us

NHK Seating of America, Inc
2298 West State Road 28
Frankfort, Indiana 46041