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New Oasis International Education LLC.

Private Education - Teaching - Administration

New Oasis is a place for ambitious people with a passion for Global Education. Our staff is composed of ever-evolving, trend-setters who offer 360 degrees of support to the New Oasis community. Whether it is visiting a school to sit in on our students’ classes to truly understand the issues they face; providing a local contact to serve as an ambassador for our host families and schools; or giving presentations with valuable resources to our partner schools; the New Oasis staff is always eager to assist those in our community.

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New Oasis International Education is dedicated to improving international education and study-abroad opportunities for international high school students interested in studying in the United States. We work to develop innovative strategies that prepare our international students to thrive in their future education, college and beyond.

New Oasis is a place for innovation, where people with a passion for global education strive to adapt and evolve. We provide not just the vision, but the opportunities to make a difference, going where others in the industry have not. We are global citizens, leaders, supporters and pioneers, who appreciate change and welcome open communication, to empower all in our community to learn from each other and benefit from global education.


  • Staff Lunch Gatherings
  • Birthday Celebrations Each Month
  • Coffee! — Our Keurig is always full!
  • Kitchen Snacks/Drinks Available
  • A Shared Passion Among Staff Members
  • Occasional Team-Building Activities

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New Oasis International Education LLC.™

607 Herndon Parkway, Suite 210
Herndon, VA 20170