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Founded in 1945, NEIS has a long history of putting our customers first to provide the services they need. That’s why many of our clients consider us their first choice when it comes to premium audit and loss control. We are a leader when it comes to meeting time-sensitive completion dates, a requirement for many of our client’s programs. The NEIS team of employee professionals has the experience and knowledge to deliver those services with the highest standard of quality.

We have seen a lot of changes in our business through the years. The key to our success has been to recognize change, invest in our future and do what it takes to keep a competitive edge. We use state-of-the-art systems, specifically designed to support premium audit and loss control, and we have built an organization of people who provide the very best in customer service.

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NEIS, Inc. is a full service provider to the insurance industry for premium audits and loss control. We have built an organization of highly experienced professionals to provide the highest of standards in the industry for time service and quality.

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NEIS, Inc.
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