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NCS Technologies, Inc.

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NCS Technologies provides high-value customer touchpoint
solutions that increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve customer retention.

order to deliver the business value our clients expect, we had to become really
good at the technical competencies important to large enterprises –
system integration, data management, and software development.

Major brands call on us to enable their IT architectures and improve the performance of direct and indirect customer touchpoints.

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Our Business Solutions consulting service specializes in providing comprehensive answers to business challenges in the areas of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture, Process Engineering and Enterprise Security. At the same time, our more than 20 years of experience in the technology solutions business enables us to consider solutions in many other technology spaces as well. The foundation of our Business Solutions consulting service is our proprietary Engagement Methodology - SRO - which helps us ensure that our technology solutions deliver the business value and ROI expected by our customers.

In the area of Professional Services, NCS Technologies has become a leading source of qualified personnel for some of the world's largest technology providers in support of their own clients. At the same time, our Staff Supplementation team has supported the internal staffing of technology professionals within companies in nearly all industries and in most technologies utilized by businesses and government agencies today.


NCS Technologies' identity as an employee-based technology solutions company helps distinguish our work climate and our approach to our clients. When team members are as experienced, and work as well together, as ours do, the client is the chief beneficiary.

NCS Technologies can best be appreciated by understanding what we are not: we are NOT a collection of loosely assembled "human resources," consultants that operate more as individual units than as teams.

When we do place individuals on technical assignments at a wide variety of companies, they become part of that company's team while remaining linked to NCS Technologies.

And, for projects, our Project Solutions teams work together in an environment of continual learning that supports quality of work and efficient processes.

But quality of work must be supported by quality of life and NCS Technologies supports quality of life through a substantial benefits package, incentives, quarterly dinners and awards, flexible work arrangements and other ways.

Don't get us wrong. Excellent technology is our bread and butter, and excellent technology exceeding business goals is our meat and potatoes. But, like great dinner parties, people make the difference.


"Innovating." "Solutions." These two words have described NCS Technologies throughout our over two decades of experience. Solving problems in corporate systems environments. Creating solutions for business challenges through hundreds of successful projects. Innovating the effective use of technology for some of the world's leading businesses. AT&T. Aventis. AT&T Wireless. Bayer. Bristol-Myers Squibb. CheckFree. Deutsche Bank. Dow Jones. Educational Testing Service. Johnson & Johnson. Lucent Technologies. Novartis. Pfizer. Verizon. WebMD/Medscape. These are only some of the scores of companies with whom NCS Technologies has had the opportunity to work. Software and related technology aren't solutions in and of themselves. And they aren't solutions in search of problems. With expert application and integration, they are tools with which business can innovate, solve and progress. We understand business. We know technology. Let us help you realize the promises of both.


Since its inception, NCS Technologies has focused on structured methodologies, model-driven architectures and object/component-oriented software development as the formula for the efficient and effective application of software technology to business processes.

Building on that foundation, NCS Technologies is now delivering speech-enabled applications and extending its development reach across wireless platforms. With focused industry, application and technology expertise, NCS Technologies continues to provide customers with valuable perspective and insights into ever-evolving, "technology best practices" for business success.

NCS Technologies strives to recruit and retain the best IT talent.

The highly skilled staff, culled from management and technology services firms, software vendors and end user organizations, recommends and implements the best, proven solutions for business challenges, based on the client's specific needs.