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Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation

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Since its inception in 1977, Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation has provided engineering and technical services in support of the Department of Defense. By providing our customers with quality products and consistently exceeding customer expectations, we have grown to a 200+ employee company with more than 10 locations spread throughout the United States, as well as supporting the global war on terrorism overseas.

Navmar began by providing highly specialized acoustics engineering and analysis support to the Naval Air Warfare Center in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Here our engineering staff worked in concert with naval base researchers to develop new innovations in anti-submarine warfare. In 1991 the government implemented a nationwide Base Realignment and Closure, or more commonly known as "BRAC". Among other locations, the operations and research at the Naval Air Warfare Center in Warminster were to be relocated to the Patuxent River Naval Base in Maryland. BRAC is complex and difficult, and the move impacts people's lives and the communities that they live in. All the while, the military and effected bases need to continue operations and research. Navmar stepped in to help facilitate the BRAC move of the Warminster location to Patuxent River. We provided an array of services to the base during this period. A primary service we provided was creating a method for the highly technical and specialized personnel of the base to continue working with the Navy during the transition. Over the years our technical expertise expanded to include avionics, air vehicles, sensors, electro-optics, prototyping and systems integration. Our staff at Patuxent River has grown, and we expanded operations to San Diego, California and Chester, Pennsylvania.

NASC Research & Development

Navmar is a leader in understanding the complex issues involved in defense technology and the difficulties faced by the warfighter. Navmar prides itself in keeping our technology on the cutting edge while improving cycle time, cost and quality. Research and Development is critical in keeping us one step ahead, and ensuring the safety of the US warfighter.

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