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NAVEX Global

Private Computer Software

Life at NAVEX Global

What We Do:

We help more than 12,500 organizations worldwide contain compliance risks amidst a never-ending stream of rapidly evolving internal and external threats. Our full suite of proven software, services and expertise helps you ensure that your E&C program is proactive, thorough and effective.

Why We Do It:

Our mission is to help organizations protect and defend their people, reputation and bottom line-and help them maintain a resilient, ethical organizational culture that helps repel risk.

Who We Are:

Because we work hard, we insist on having fun! At NAVEX Global, we show our commitment to our clients and each other so we can Live It! every day.

A few things we do to come together include:

  • Each month, we bring people from different departments together for lunch.
  • Our leadership team makes surprise deliveries throughout the year.
  • We host team activities that won't require you to take time away from other priorities in your life.

We understand what you do outside of NAVEX Global is important, so we trust you to manage your job like your own business and take the time you need to attend to what matters to you.

NAVEX Global is also proud to be a company that actively lives its commitment to ethics. NAVEX Global Outreach, our Corporate Social Responsibility program, allows employees to serve the communities in which they work. Our Outreach program is run entirely by hard working employees who create Outreach events throughout the year while gaining invaluable leadership experience to help them further their careers.

A few things we do to give back:

  • Donate to blood drives
  • Adopt families for the holidays
  • Meet up to volunteer at a local food bank

NAVEX Global employees are given the opportunity to work together to help those in need-and have a blast doing it!

Career Opportunities

Join OutstandiNG!

You can experience incredible growth and make a truly meaningful contribution through your work at NAVEX Global. We compete for the best talent by combining the best of both worlds-innovative people and innovative technology. We're looking for people who want to make a difference doing what they love-people who are highly collaborative, think creatively, thrive on achieving excellence and are passionate about producing incredible results.

At NAVEX Global, we believe the experience people have within our workplace matters as much as what we do. We understand without great people we will not achieve great results. Our executive team is committed to helping create the most powerful experience of your career and we will start by understanding what matters most to you in your career development. Join us and experience the difference!

Join our team of OutstandiNG People doing Extraordinary Things!

Contact Us

NAVEX Global World Headquarters
5500 Meadows Road, Suite #500
Lake Oswego, OR 97035 USA
AMERICAS | +1 (866) 297 0224
EMEA + APAC | +44 (0)20 8939 1650

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