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National Income Life Insurance

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National Income Life Insurance Profile

National Income Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Income Life.

National Income Life Insurance Company is striving to become the premier in-home life insurance sales company serving working families in the state of New York.

National Income's parent company, American Income Life, was founded more than 50 years ago by Bernard Rapoport with just $25,000 of borrowed capital. AIL and NILICO provide coverage to over two million policyholders and represents over $130 million in annual insurance product sales. Our companies' growth has been sustained through high customer satisfaction, innovative lead programs, word of mouth referrals, and a lucrative Agent compensation program.

A.M. Best, one of the country's oldest and most respected insurance ratings companies, has rated National Income Life as A+ (Superior) for overall Financial Strength (as of 6/11).

National Income Life's home office is located in Liverpool, New York. National Income and its parent company, American Income Life Insurance Company, are wholly owned subsidiaries of Torchmark Corporation (NYSE: TMK), based in McKinney, Texas.


A new world opened up to me when I first learned about American Income Life. A world of limitless professional and financial potential. Twenty-seven years later, the opportunity has given me just that - and more. For my career continues to be more rewarding and fulfilling than I ever imagined possible.

Today, at American Income Life, we are pursuing a vision for even greater career opportunities. That vision is allowing us to realize record growth and extraordinary milestones of success. I believe that the best opportunities are still before us, and that your path for advancement, whether as a Career Producer or Manager, is greater today than it has ever been in our company history.

Are you ready to put yourself on the path to success? Don't wait. Your future begins today.

Roger Smith
President & Chief Executive Officer


A family that plays together
stays together

American Income Life founder, Bernard Rapoport, had a plan - to build an insurance company firmly rooted in family and community. That's just one more reason we've stood out, endured and prospered over the years. And as our company continues to advance at a record pace, family still remains at the core of our company. A backbone such as this isn't built overnight. It is through decades of quality activities that team AIL has formed such unique relationships. Events and activities throughout the calendar year such as parties and picnics. Formal dinners and weekend getaways. Care to join us?


No need to call on family, friends or even friends of friends. What makes American Income Life stand out from the rest is our reliable Lead System headed by an international public relations team. Their sole purpose? To generate leads non-stop, for all our agencies nationwide. In addition, our close affinities with labor and credit unions and associations at the local, state and national levels allow our local agencies to initiate mailings directly to their members. That means a continual supply of endorsed leads are provided to every one of our sales representatives. These affinity marketing initiatives and programs have created exponential growth for American Income Life. And finally, our partnership with our sister company, Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company, one of the nation's largest direct marketers, also helps to generate tens of thousands of additional leads every month. It really is no prospecting, ever!