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National Debit Card Network


At National Debit Card Network we specialize in serving the payment processing and merchant account needs of small to medium size businesses throughout the US. We offer independent business owners an expansive suite of merchant service solutions that substantially grow their revenue and profit.

In this lucrative industry, there are many ways to make money and the process is pretty simple. Here’s a basic example. Let’s say that the Card Associations like Visa and MasterCard charge credit card processors 1.0% on transactions. The processor charges the merchant 2% and the profit is split between the processing company and the sales rep for the lifetime of the account. With this in mind, it is easy to see how at even 0.5% your monthly residuals can add up quickly for as long as the merchant remains a customer. Plus, there’s many additional ways to add to your income including signing bonuses for each merchant you enroll; equipment leases, gift card programs, cash advances, etc.

This is a business-to-business, outside sales position. We will provide you with 2-4 preset prequalified appointments each day, Monday - Friday 9am -5pm. You will be meeting with local business owners in your area generally within a 10-15 mile radius to discuss the many benefits of our merchant services. The types of businesses that you will meet may include retail stores, grocery stores, food and beverage distributors, restaurants, automotive service centers, etc.

Complete industry training combined with advanced weekly training to keep your knowledge and skills up to date and sharp to maximize opportunities and income potential.

When meeting with a merchant, you will negotiate pricing, cross-sell other product and services we offer including gift cards or perhaps even a cash advance on their future credit card receivables. In addition to upfront commissions paid daily, you will earn lifetime residual income on each and every account you sign for the life of the account.

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